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Hamilton County Bible History Teachers, 2017-2018
20 Hamilton County Bible History teachers, collectively holding 45 degrees, enrich middle and high schools with strong pedagogy, key mentors, and role models.
Bible in the Schools delivers annual community gift to Hamilton County Schools' Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson reimburse complete costs of Bible History elective program for 2016-2017.
Because of your generosity, Lookout Valley Middle/High School will begin a Bible History program in the fall of 2018!
Helping Our Students Become Culturally Literate
Bible History elective courses develop cultural literacy, a component essential to a well-rounded education and the overall development of youth.
Three New Schools Offering Bible History
Sale Creek Middle/High School, Red Bank High School, and Ivy Academy Chattanooga added a Bible History elective for the 2017-2018 academic year. 79% of all middle and high school students in Hamilton County now have access to Bible History electives.
Challenging Students' Worldview
While wrestling with essential questions around complex text, Bible History elective courses have helped many students process through some of the deeper questions of life.
A Robust Elective Gifted By the Community For 96 Years
“Bible in the Schools is pleased to be a part of strengthening Hamilton County public schools. We believe the optional Bible History courses provide a unique benefit to public school students, at no cost to taxpayers, that will have a long-term impact.” Board Chairman, Mr. Chris Maclellan

Bible History elective classes in the public schools are an opportunity for students to have a viewpoint neutral, foundational study – at no cost to taxpayers – of one of the cornerstone texts of world history, which helps students become culturally literate and better equipped to thrive and contribute to a global world.

"I had a lot of brokenness in my life. And one of the places that I found a great deal of sustenance and encouragement was in school, particularly among my Bible teachers."

- Dr. Timothy George, Bible History alumnus, Chattanooga High

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measurABLE impact

Given prior to and at the conclusion of each course, quantifiable data from pre- and post-tests provides valuable information relative to student growth and academic achievement. See the results. 


A 1980 ACLU-inspired lawsuit in Hamilton County, TN, drew national attention. Learn more.

community support

Bible History classes in our public schools would not be possible without generous support of the broader community.